Non React JSX

TypeScript provides you with the ability to use something other than React with JSX in a type safe manner. The following lists the customizability points, but note that this is for advanced UI framework authors:

  • You can disable react style emit by using "jsx" : "preserve" option. This means that JSX is emitted as is and then you can use your own custom transpiler to transpile the JSX portions.
  • Using the JSX global module:
    • You can control what HTML tags are available and how they are type checked by customizing the JSX.IntrinsicElements interface members.
    • When using components:
      • You can control which class must be inherited by components by customizing the default interface ElementClass extends React.Component<any, any> { } declaration.
      • You can control which property is used to type check the attributes (the default is props) by customizing the declare module JSX { interface ElementAttributesProperty { props: {}; } } declaration.


Passing --reactNamespace <JSX factory Name> along with --jsx react allows for using a different JSX factory from the default React.

The new factory name will be used to call createElement functions.

import {jsxFactory} from "jsxFactory";

var div = <div>Hello JSX!</div>

Compiled with:

tsc --jsx react --reactNamespace jsxFactory --m commonJS

Results in:

"use strict";
var jsxFactory_1 = require("jsxFactory");
var div = jsxFactory_1.jsxFactory.createElement("div", null, "Hello JSX!");

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